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Goran is 3.5 year-old boy from Hungary. He is: Amazin?Exceptionally Gifted?Profoundly Gifted?Genius?

2016. június 21. 10:44 - Henkor

Goran's skills:
- Can fluently read in Hungarian, English and Russian (has alread started learning Chinese and Telugu languages too)
- Can hand-write with capital letters in Hungarian, English and Russian, and has started to practice non-capital letters too.
- He knows the whole world map, very detailed, he loves it. He can draw any map by heart - marking countries, states, cities - even to scale!
- He knows every single country flag - you cannot beat him in a flag-quiz!
- He knows all planets, asteroids and moons of our solar system and loves astronomy.
- Math: he can count up to thousands in Hungarian and English. Knows all geometric forms from a single line to the dodekaeder.
- He writes songs, lives to sing and dance.
- He can draw anything: logos, maps, solar system - totally detailed.
- He loves playing soccer and he is talented on the field too.
- He likes doing normal child activites too: sliding, swinging, cycling and also motorcycling.
- He writes very funny stories and articles like Jiji's Adventures which is hilarious.
- Goran has an epic memory both short and long term, and his logical skills are outstanding.
- He does not have aspergers and is not an autist - this was confirmed by several specialists (doctors).
Goran's handycaps:
- He has hard time handling his own mistakes and failures.
- He cannot really find the tone with kids of his age and is not really interested in them either.
- He cannot dress, he does not care about it.
- He cannot eat on his own, he had a hard time  dealing with meals, needs help with that.
Goran's present, here we are now:
- We cannot find a kindergarden nor a talent-trainer institute supported by the government. 
- We failed to get any form of funding for his special education needs.
- We desperately need a place or at least a teacher or trainer for him, but we cannot afford it.
I am his mother. I would like to buy him books, a drawing board and other creative tools.
I would like to take him to the planetarium, astonomists. It would be nice to have a mathematician satisfy his curiosity.
These are things we cannot afford to pay for and there is no free option.
What you can help with:
- If you have ideas, connections, suggestions please contact: kreativ.henrietta@gmail.com
- and of course donating to Goran's mother:
Zádori Henrietta
Please Note: "Jótékony célú adomány "
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